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How to Get the Best Results


How do I use them?


Illumina and Potentci are very simple – as far as understanding their function and form they are really just a serum and a moisturizer with fancy names.

The reason we have given them fancy names is because they are royalty amongst skincare. These products are extremely concentrated. Each is about 50% actives (compared to 5-20% for 99.9% of all skincare, even expensive brand name skincare.). This means that they truly are as powerful as several products in one. When you look at them this way, the investment begins to make sense.

The reason for the textures


They also both have light-weight, slightly more runny textures. This is on purpose – to prevent over-application. This allows you to use less product, making your valuable skincare last a lot longer. It also helps reduce any afterfeel or stickiness, although, since the concentration of actives in these products is so high, it is impossible to make them completely imperceivable.

However, just because the textures are light, this doesn’t mean they aren’t deeply nourishing, medicinal and hydrating.


Less is more


With these products, a little goes a very long way and less is more. When we did research with testers, we found all of them were applying too much product! Please read our application guidelines to make sure you are not making the same mistake. Proper application is important because it improves skin feel, improves product performance and stops product wastage.


How to ensure good results:


To see the best results, it is imperative to use these products faithfully and consistently in the exact manner prescribed.

They WILL NOT work if used haphazardly or inconsistently.

Please follow this routine for the next 2 weeks to 3 months. (Some people may see results after only 2 weeks. The majority of acne sufferers are encouraged to stick to the routine for 3 full months, since that is the lifecycle of an acne.)


We recommend a simple, minimal routine.



Cleanse with REVELE. Shake POTENTCI well, and apply 1-2 pumps to skin, massaging in well. Follow with sunscreen/makeup (see recommended lists below). If Po AND sunscreen are too much, choose one or the other. 


Cleanse with REVELE. Apply 1-2 pumps ILLUMINA (Use 1-3x per week). Shake POTENTCI well, and apply 1-2 pumps to skin, massaging in well. Follow AURUM, if more hydration is desired.


A note about the unique concentrated quality:


Please note, these products are extremely concentrated and a little bit goes a very long way, making them more economical than you might think. Over-application of the product (very common!) may result in a coated or sticky feeling to the skin, as well as a waste of valuable product.

Please be very mindful of the recommended amounts to apply.

When in doubt, apply an extremely sheer layer, massaged into the skin very, very well. Remember less is more.


Important – what to expect:


Please note, that Potentci may take a few minutes to fully sink into the skin.

Meanwhile Illumina may cause an initial period of purging (temporary worsening of the skin as congestion is brought to the surface and pores are cleared. It is important to be patient and not lose faith through this period – clear skin IS on the other side!) If Illumina causes irritation (unlikely) reduce usage to 1x-2x per week.


Recommended Application Method:



Pump 1-2 pumps of product onto fingertips. Gently dot fingertips onto left cheek, right cheek, chin and forehead, making sure that the first area you dot doesn’t take all the product.



Once product has been evenly divided between the 4 quadrants of the face, use both hands to massage product into the skin, working to cover the entire facial area.



If there is not enough product, use 1/2 more pump where needed. If there is too much product, spread it onto neck as best as possible.



Wait 1-2 minutes before applying next product.


Using other products


Because these products are so concentrated, the only additional products we recommend besides the moss skincare collection is a sunscreen and makeup in the am.

It is incredibly important to not jeopardize your results by introducing skincare that may exacerbate your acne. For this reason we have made lists of products we recommend and know to be safe and beneficial.


Recommended Lists

Recommended sunblocks

Recommended makeup

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