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I got the pre orders of Il and Po and I am obsessed. My skin has mostly returned to normal and my red marks are gone– already.

I used the sample of the cleanser and loved it!

I never cared about skincare til I got some bad skin this past year and tried a million products and yours are above and beyond the best!! So glad I found moss!!

Julie A.
I ordered samples of Il and Po a couple of weeks ago and am loving them!  I got a sample of Revele with Il and Po and loved it! Thanks so much for the lovely products you guys make!
Annalissa M.
I really appreciate that you made it possible for me to order the Il+Po set AND sent such an ample sample of Revele!

Your new products are stellar. Thanks for doing what you do!
Miriam E.
I really can’t say enough wonderful things about using both Illumina and Potenci.

Illumina has eliminated every single bit of congestion in my skin and it is now perfectly smooth, something I have never consistently experienced with my skin before.

It is so radiant and luminous, something I saw within 3 days of using it but has only become better as time has gone on.

Angelina D.
After two weeks (using Il and Po as directed) I’ve noticed clearer skin (I’m perfectly blemish free) and a huge increase in luminosity and glow.

I’m not embarrassed to be seen without makeup and what has been huge for me is I haven’t had to use a spot treatment in the last week.

After more than a decade of struggling with my skin and waiting for it to just be smooth and pretty and glowy, I finally have the skin of my dreams!

Angelina D.

I pre ordered Revele and Aurum nearly a month ago because the samples I  received of them totally rock.
Thank you SO MUCH for all you do and the truly amazing products you create!

Cristina D.

So far my skin is slowly clearing up.  I am almost out of my sample face wash.  I have already pre ordered the next duo.

Thanks again for creating these amazing products!  I cannot wait to try all you have in store.

Jennifer M.

Il, Po, Au and Zen Physic have helped my skin tremendously in the last month!

I don’t even know how to start to thank you for making these products geared towards problematic acneic skin!

Your blogs and Office Hours are so educational and have have been a great help. Thank you!

Mina V.

I just ordered  the Il and Po and after the very first use, I fell in love with your skincare!!
I have tried many green skincare lines but yours is the very first that I have seen immediate results. I am pumped!
Do you always have the products available for purchase at all times or do you wait till you run out or low, to restock? I just don’t ever want to run out of Il or Po!!!
So HAPPY I found out!!!

Joan W.
I’m super excited to get the full size of Revele and Aurum! They are both fantastic products that are helping me along the way to better skin than I’ve EVER had!

Cristina D.
Just received your new products yesterday and was so excited to try them out. They felt so smooth and lovely and my skin just drank them in. And the light scent of everything just added to the feeling that I was truly pampering myself!

After 30 years of fighting acne, I have earned this! Thank you!

Cristina D.

I’ve tried a TON of green skincare and this stuff is the absolute bomb!

The cleanser feels silkier than anything I’ve ever used and Po just sinks right in, like it was made specifically for my skin. I look forward to my routine every morning and every night now.

Many thanks to you!

Cristina D.
So excited to get Au and Re. My amazing samples of these is running low. I swear you sold your soul for these formulas. How can such a simple ingredient list in the cleanser be so amazing?! I don’t know but it is.

Also, the facial oil is literally a drink of water for the face and it soaks in so fast!

My skin is the best ever too…friends and families are amazed with the results!

Brittany M.
Loving my sample of Illumina. Truly feel like it’s unearthing the supple, healthy, rosy skin I used to have. Thank you so much for bringing this formula to us.
Carley P.
For nearly three weeks now I’ve been using Illumina, Potentci, Revele and Aurum and my skin has never, ever looked better. Thank you SO MUCH for creating these treasures!
Cristina D.
The Po is pretty remarkable! I hope the sample lasts a long time. If my budget allowed, I would order every product in your line.
I concur that this shiz is amazing. Day three on all the new products and my stubborn jawline/chin acne is already diminished. You’ve done it again!
Jamie M.
Loving all the products so far! The cleanser is sooooo good! Love the rosemary!
Yenny D.
Got your new products today and WOW! They are literally the best thing I have ever put on my skin. I loved your old formulas but these are amazing.

Went to meet my family for dinner and everyone was complimenting my on how great my skin looked.

Received my shipment today!!  Felt like my birthday! The packaging is luxurious and recyclable and the products smell divine and so natural!  I cannot wait to try tonight! I am also tickled that I received very generous samples of 2 moss new releases which I am excited to try. So worth the wait!

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