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  • Quantum Glow Show Notes

    Have you heard the philosophy that there are only three ingredients you should give a hoot about in your skincare?   I've heard it said that as long as you're using retinol, Vitamin C and sunscreen, everything else is unnecessary -- and pales in comparison in terms of giving results.   There is no doubt that [...] More  →
  • Which is better for acne-prone skin: face oil or moisturizer?

      Lately it seems like the beauty community is abuzz with the benefits and wonders of facial oils. But are they really that good for your skin? And could moisturizers be better? It turns out both oils and moisturizers have pros and cons and hopefully after reading this post you will know which is right [...] More  →
  • Fall Skincare 2017 Rituals and Recipes

    The needs of your skin most definitely change with the seasons and the transition seasons (Spring and Fall) are often the bumpiest waves to ride. I’m sharing the journey I’ve been on so far personally, in hopes of inspiring you. Late Summer During the later stages of my pregnancy (Early Summer), my skin got dry …

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  • How to use facial oils correctly

    Facial oils are deeply nourishing but can cause subtle inflammation and dehydration if used incorrectly. How to use facial oils correctly? Here are best practices. I love putting oil on my face so much. But a lot of people recoil at the thought of putting oil on their face or have tried it and had [...] More  →
  • A mask for blackheads: recipe

    If you’ve read this post, you know that the “blackheads” are actually sebaceous filaments (SFs). But semantics aside, the best way to deal with these guys is to first educate yourself: they are not blackheads they are genetic they are not a skin condition they are completely normal and loads of people have them there …

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  • 3 Skincare Myths {doing these is bad for your skin}

    Myth #1: Cleansing is the MOST important part of caring for your skin What? No way! Your skin is an incredibly delicate ecosystem – it has a proper pH, it has a protective acid mantle, and it is covered in beneficial bacteria that support the skin’s health. Cleansing – more than any other step in …

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  • 7 winter skincare MUST-HAVES

    Winter is my favorite time of year. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love snow. But my skin would beg to differ. It asked me to write you this post. Because as fun as winter is, the cold and dry temps really do a number on skin – drying it out, making it sensitive and …

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  • The Perfect Winter Facial

    This might be my favorite post to write yet. Who doesn’t love an amazing facial? And I don’t hold back in this facial at all. In fact, this is the OFFICIAL MOSS FACIAL (for winter) that I will be sharing with moss’s estheticians – perhaps with slight modifications. It is a good long hour of pampering the …

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  • Ultimate Halo Sun Protection Powder Q&A

    Since Halo, moss’  sun protection powder, is a pretty radical concept, I thought I would write a detailed Q&A for those of you interested. Leave any additional questions in the comments below! Q: What is Halo and how does it work? A: Halo is a dry powder that you MIX with existing skincare to create sunblock on …

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  • moss skincare philosophy + basic protocol

    Well, with an entire BRAND and over 20 products devoted to clearing skin, I figured I’d better write a guide to moss skincare to help you choose what is best for your skin. And also to explain my skincare philosophy. When most of us think of skincare, we think the most IMPORTANT thing is cleansing. I …

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  • Anointing Bowls 101

    You might have heard me talking about anointing bowls recently. I want to explain why I think these little dishes are a crucial part of any beauty ritual. First of all, what is an anointing bowl? How to choose an anointing bowl I like to use any dish that ranges in size from little soy …

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  • What are absorbing fluids and why do I need them?

    What are absorbing fluids? Absorbing fluids are anything that helps your skin absorb facial oil. An absorbing fluid can be anything watery or gel-like – even a light lotion or serum. You can use hydrosols, teas, aloe vera gel, even water will help retexturize an oil that’s left behind a little grease layer. Why do I …

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