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  • Have You Tried Bitters for Acne?

    Why try Bitters for acne? (First of all, we aren’t talking about Swedish Bitters – they are not the same! Swedish Bitters contains the laxative herb senna, and that is not what we’re going for here.) Many of you by now are aware there’s a gut-skin connection, in addition to a hormone-skin connection when it …

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  • Black Cumin Seed Oil for Acne: The Surprising Benefits

    Black Cumin Seed for Acne   Today I wanted to share a little about black cumin seed oil (BCSO). You can find this in our Potentci Dermal Lifting Milk and in our Aurum Multi-correctional Luminosity Elixir. This oil is definitely one of my top 5 oils for clearing acne-prone skin. Here are the reasons why: …

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  • Have your Coffee and Clear Skin Too

    In Part 1 of this 2 post series, we discussed all the ways coffee is detrimental to your skin and a few ways it can affect your overall health as well. I know there have been studies done on how coffee provides antioxidants, and how it can help prevent Alzheimers, but to me personally, the …

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  • Does Coffee Cause Acne?

    Warning – this entire post is about how coffee sucks and exacerbates acne. But I love coffee and I’ve tried to quit several times. I’ve tried several different substitutes. And in Part 2 I will reveal how I now drink coffee anyway. I’ll share my specific set-up for minimizing adverse health effects, while still getting to …

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  • Green Beauty Sunblock Ingredients 101

    Sunscreens can be very confusing especially within the context of green + clean beauty. You may have heard some people only use mineral sunscreens, while others eschew sunscreen all together for a purely holistic sun protection protocol that involves solely oils and nutrition. And then there’s the vitamin D aspect – vitamin D cannot synthesize …

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  • My Candida Cleanse Experience: the good, the bad and the weird

    Here is a brief overview of what the cleanse entailed, since I know not all of you have been following along:   A detox week where basically all you could eat was green veggies and eggs. This is the week you started taking a liver detox supplement and continued it through the entire cleanse. THIS [...] More  →
  • 5 Awesome Candida Recipes to try!

    Hiiiii! Some new recipes for you all to try, including my superfood breakfast yogurt parfait – I posted pics on the FB group if you’re curious! Some yummy recipes I’ve found: Asparagus-Egg Salad via the Healthy Haus Candida modifications: sub ACV for the white wine Onion Spaghetti Squash Carbonara via Pretend It’s a Donut Candida …

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  • All about Candida anti-fungal supplements

    The last step in your Candida Cleanse is to add anti-fungals. And this is where we REALLY attack the Candida. In the detox phase, we help our body get primed to detox the nasties the Candida emits when it dies off by eating in such a way as to give our liver and kidneys a …

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  • 7 Tips for taking Candida Supplements correctly and successfully

    1. Set alarms on your phone I’m usually fine when I have to take supplements in the am. But I recently started a supplement that you are supposed to take 3x per day. Setting an alarm for 8am, 1pm, and 6:30pm on my phone was the best thing I ever did to train myself to take …

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  • Almond Buckwheat Brownies Recipe

    Feedback: Yummy and an amazing snack/dessert! Husband also liked them – I added some pumpkin pie spice and he said it tasted like pumpkin pie if the crust had been combined with the pie. Other possible add-ins include lemon zest, unsweetened coconut flakes and carob powder. What I changed: I would NOT put this in a …

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  • Protected: Candida and Probiotics

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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  • Candida Friendly Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

    Here’s my feedback: LOVED this and so did the hubs – really yummy! Here are the changes I made: I added extra garlic 🙂 The instructions don’t say when to add the ginger, so I added it right before coating the meat in the spices and adding the meat. I DID NOT add a whole …

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