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Velvet Resin/Autumn Sovereign Fall 2017 Limited Edition Masque



1 oz.

We are releasing 50 units of this limited edition Fall masque.

A mask to hydrate and brighten with maple syrup, honey (from Rock Rose and Fir blossoms – Fall flowers, continuing our Fall theme), royal jelly, molasses, lecithin and cupuacu butter. Polysaccharides improve moisture content of skin and gentle exfoliation (totally safe for even sensitive skin) from sugars and royal jelly. All materials are raw and unrefined, filled with life and love.

Cupuacu butter – known as vegetable lanolin, this beautiful chocolate scented butter feels like no other – it is like velvet to touch – rich, soft, and “full” but not greasy. The cupuaçu fruit is from the same plant family – Theobroma – to which cacao belongs, but it is much creamier than cacao butter. Did you know cupuacu is edible and is used as a luxury modern chocolate alternative by creative confectioners?

The herbs our limited edition fall mask Velvet Resin/Autumn Sovereign contains are so unusual: black radish, night blooming cactus and cats claw.
Black radish is an excellent detoxifier and purifier. It’s high in antioxidants as well as beautifying minerals like zinc and selenium. It brings the energies of grounding and cleansing.

Night blooming cactus helps to increase circulation and decrease swelling. Indigenous people used it for soothing rashes and wounds.

It only blooms at night but when it does it has huge, architectural blossoms with an utterly intoxicating scent. It brings the energies of awe, mystery and possibility.

Cats claw is powerful for inflammation and wound healing. It has the ability to repair and reverse DNA damage – this is excellent news for skin coming out of sun (read UVA/UVB) drenched summer. It brings the energies of healing, enterprise, strong will and persistent problem solving.

Velvet Resin/Autumn Sovereign is formulated with the energies of gratitude, abundance, harvest, blessings – blessings counted and uncounted, heaps upon heaps of blessings. The energy of trusting in the universe, of owning your sovereign right to exist in joy and belonging. Rich with sugars and fats, this mask nourishes us into the next season, keeping the energetic body full and happy and our skin calm and bright.

Rich hydration + gentle brightening = gorgeous, refreshed, revitalized skin.

The aromatherapy?

Sweet fruity caramel – with hints of something dark and earthy.

When we sell out, we’re out.


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Maple Syrup*, Molasses*, Cupuacu Butter*, Honey (From Rock Rose and Fir Blossoms)*, Lecithin (Sunflower)*, Di-PPG-2 Myreth-10 Adipate, Royal Jelly*, Extracts of: Night Blooming Cactus*, Cat’s Claw*, Black Radish*; Lactobacillus, Coconut Extract, Polyacrylate 13, Polyisobutene, Polysorbate 20, Essential Oils of Vanilla, Cacao & Elemi



Apply a thin layer to clean skin, enjoying the aromatherapeutic benefits. Leave on for 15-60 minutes. Gently rinse with lukewarm water. Enjoy the soothed glow.

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