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Skadi Winter Lipid Serum


Skadi is the Viking goddess of Winter. Although her temperament contains all the dark elements of Winter, she has immense passion and integrity. She is filled with the determination to live life in all its fullness, regardless of the harshness of her circumstances.

In the shade of winter, we stand alongside our shadow selves and our skin woes, and refuse to be ashamed. We embrace the wholeness of being, both light and dark. Winter is a dichotomy – there is a hint of wild, untamed spirit like snow wolves, and there is the other side of cozy comfort indoors next to a fire out of the dark and cold. Skadi brings intense renewal and healing, and the energy of carving out a life for ourselves of our own choosing.

This lipid serum is replete with gorgeous and unusual oils.

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Size: 7 ml

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Cacay oil, Amaranth oil, Echium oil, Abyssinian oil, Green Coffee oil, Laurel Berry oil, Green Tamanu oil, Labdanum heart EO, Pink Lotus EO, Patchouli EO, Elemi EO, Blue Yarrow EO, Champaca EO

(99.5% Organic)



Apply to clean, damp skin. We recommend using with an absorbing fluid like AMBAR’s Hydrating Mineral Gélee for best results.

To employ an absorbing fluid:

Option 1: Mix facial oil with absorbing fluid in a small anointing dish to create a micro-emulsion. Apply to skin.

Option 2: Apply facial oil to clean, dry skin. Apply absorbing fluid immediately after, massaging until oil sinks into skin and a dewy texture and finish is achieved.

More Details:


This lipid serum is replete with gorgeous and unusual oils including:

Amaranth seed oil –

Extremely rich in  protein, essential and nonessential amino acids (Amaranth has the highest lysine content of all grains), and trace elements crucial for co-factoring cellular repair and maintenance functions, Amaranth is rich in vitamins (especially in Vitamin E),  fatty acids, minerals,  and barrier supporting sterols.
Amaranth is one of the richest sources of  squalene (8%) – one of the most common lipids produced by human skin cells which  the main biological functions is storing energy, signaling, and acting as structural components of cell membranes. Amaranth oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It is high in Linoleic acid, making it safe for acne prone skin.

Cacay oil –

Very high in complexion balancing linoleic acid, the Cacay (pronounced kahk-ai) the Cacay nut is used by indigenous people of South America to treat wounds.

Used topically, the oil has grown enormously in popularity as a powerful anti-aging ingredient, since it contains key ingredients in anti-aging products, including antioxidants and retinoids.

Cacay is unique and used in this formulation because it is one of the best natural source of retinoic acid (containing about 3 times more Retinol than Rosehip oil). It also contains significant amounts of Vitamin E and around 75% Linoleic Acid.

It is wonderful for cell regeneration, reducing wrinkles, improving elasticity and leaving skin more soft and firm. It helps to restore the skin’s protective barrier and due to its high ratio of linoleic acid doesn’t clog pores. We are very excited to add this unique oil into our prestigious and selective acne/aging prevention ingredient pantry.

Green coffee bean oil –

Absolutely bursting with antioxidants, this oil is a beautifully protective oil, preventing and reversing free radical damage caused by UV radiation, pollution and elemental exposure.

Green Coffee Oil has a high level of chlorogenic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant, and significant amounts of fatty acids and phytosterols which promote excellent moisture retention and rapid skin penetration. The antioxidant power present in green coffee oil is 3 times greater than green tea and four times more potent than vitamin C.

Green coffee oil is so highly anti-inflammatory that it is commonly used in eyes creams and serums to diminish puffiness.
Green coffee oil helps to control symptoms of skin disorders such sores, itchy, scaling and dead cell build up. It contains enzymes that stimulate detoxification and help in cleaning the skin, thus making it ideal to help skin prone to acne.

Sacha Inchi oil –

Sacha Inchi Oil has 17 times more Omega-3 per ounce than wild salmon. Compositionally, it is an astounding 48% alpha linolenic acid (omega 3).

It is the highest plant-based source of Omega-3 on the planet (higher than even Chia Seed) and is also exceptionally high in acne-healing antioxidants Vitamins A and E.
SE Oil reverses inflammation and irritation and restores hydration and suppleness to the skin.
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