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L4B Matcha Zinc Honey Tapping Masque


What is the L4B?

moss founder Celestyna created the L4B as a place to fulfill her curiosity and creativity. New ingredients, formulations, and techniques are tested, including ultra powerful and specific products Celestyna creates for her seasonal needs. Some of these exceptional creations we make available for you as couture experimental skincare – extremely limited quantity and always expertly hand-crafted by the proprietress herself.

At the end of the year we consult all of our L4B participants and consider adding a favorite L4B formulation to the permanent moss collection.

Please note, due to the foundational concept of the lab, each batch will vary slightly – it may have slightly different ingredients and different percentages of ingredients. The L4B is NOT a conventional, static skincare line – it is a formulator’s playground.




Honey tapping is a technique used to gently exfoliate the skin and stimulate the lymph. We adore how this technique leaves our skin looking and feeling – sooo smooth and bright – but calm.

  • Organic honey – high in natural salicylates and enzymes plus the perfect amount of stickiness to achieve honey tapping results.
  • Oat oil – contains natural emulsifiers and calming compounds – after experimentation, we discovered that using pure honey to honey tap meant the honey drying and becoming tacky too quickly. The oat oil lets you get a little more milage out of honey tapping before it getting too tacky and having to add water (see instructions).
  • Matcha – matcha is finely ground green tea leaves. Green tea is very high in antioxidants and catechins, specifically EGCG, which has been shown to have potent anti-hormonal-acne activity.
  • Zinc Oxide – profoundly soothing, a key ingredient in many anti-acne treatments and diaper rash creams due to it’s powerful healing properties

1 oz


Batch 1,2,3,4 : Honey, Oat Oil, Zinc Oxide, Matcha

Batch 5 : Honey, Oat Oil, Zinc Oxide, Matcha, Elderberry Extract, Decyl Glucoside


See the attached video for application and honey tapping demo.

Pull up some mask on the finger, and then, tapping gently, spread it over a section of the skin. Repeat till your skin is covered in a medium-thin layer of mask.

Holding two through four fingers together (whichever feels most natural), press onto the skin and lift off in a rolling motion from your index finger to your pinky finger, repeating these movements all over the face. Vary from slow to quick rolling and from soft to strong tapping to find your ideal motion. Even the softest tapping will exfoliate.

If the honey gets too dry and tacky, you may start to get a “ripping bandaid” sensation. In that case, apply a little water with a finger to soften the honey again.

Honey tap first and mask second otherwise the honey will get too dry by the time it’s time to tap. When you are done working the tapping motion all over the face, let the mask sit for anywhere from 5-30 minutes before gently removing with warm water.

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