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L4B CR Citrine Suspension


What is the L4B?

moss founder Celestyna created the L4B as a place to fulfill her curiosity and creativity. New ingredients, formulations, and techniques are tested, including ultra powerful and specific products Celestyna creates for her seasonal needs. Some of these exceptional creations we make available for you as couture experimental skincare – extremely limited quantity and always expertly hand-crafted by the proprietress herself.

At the end of the year we consult all of our L4B participants and consider adding a favorite L4B formulation to the permanent moss collection.

Please note, due to the foundational concept of the lab, each batch will vary slightly – it may have slightly different ingredients and different percentages of ingredients. The L4B is NOT a conventional, static skincare line – it is a formulator’s playground.





I started moss years ago with my first product: a facial oil designed to not only be acne-safe but also to actively work against acne.

When I relaunched the line, I added a conscious anti-aging component to all products, making them not only anti-acne but actively rejuvenating as well.

Since then, I’ve done many facial oils, with the goal being the ultimate luxury facial oil that protects against both acne and aging.

And I think I finally have it.

Extremely excited about CR Citrine Suspension!

It’s so pure and sooo luxurious.

It’s pure resveratrol (at maximum dosage) suspended in pure, organic, unrefined, ultra-fresh, artisanal cacay oil preserved with an extremely potent rosemary antioxidant for maximum longevity and vitality.

There isn’t a more ideal oil for combatting acne and aging than cacay oil. It’s mainly composed of linoleic acid, making it light and non-comedogenic. It absorbs like a dream.

On top of that it is extremely high in Vitamin E, which is great for wound healing, scar prevention and works towards combatting one of the main topical acne triggers – lipid peroxidation.

Lastly, it is one of the best natural sources of retinoic acid (it has about 3 times more retinol than rose hip oil), so you can think of it as Nature’s non-toxic, pregnancy safe retinol.

Resveratrol is another ingredient that magically addresses both acne and aging very powerfully.

Resveratrol, a polyphenol extracted from Japanese Knotweed, is a very effective anti-oxidant with 95% efficiency in preventing lipid peroxidation as compared with 37% for Vitamin C or even 65% for Vitamin E. It has very strong free radical scavenging action, even more than the superhero antioxidants found in green tea (gallic and ellagic acids and epicatechins).

In clinical trials, resveratrol has been shown to protect against UVB mediated skin damage and help alleviate skin wounds, making it a good choice for pre and post sun exposure (and making CR Citrine Suspension a great oil to use with Halo!)

Resveratrol also:

~has been shown to preserve dermal collagen

~enhances skin hydration

~stimulate skin’s cellular renewal

~helps increase skin’s thickness

~has been shown to inhibit tyrosinase, making it an active that can help reduce hyperpigmentation

~has shown anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity

~demonstrates sustained bacterial activity against P. acnes. Interestingly, benzoyl peroxide shows only a short term bacterial response, but resveratrol showed a significant inhibition of growth over time.

~Lastly, inhibits keratinocyte proliferation, thereby reducing another topical acne trigger.


7.5ml – 20ml


Cacay oil, Resveratrol, Rosemary antioxidant

Batch 2: Cacay oil, Resveratrol, Rosemary antioxidant, Rose Quartz bead


MUST SHAKE WELL! This is a suspension, and the resveratrol does settle. Hold upside down and shake vigorously for 10-20 seconds before filling pipette. Apply to clean skin. Apply before, after or mixed with hydric microemulsifiers such as mists or hydroserums for best results and absorption.

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