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Halo Photoprotective Soothing Essence Powder


What is Halo?

Halo is a powder you mix with your favorite facial oil to customize a sunblock with the ingredients, feel & SPF you desire, escaping all of the heaviness and greasiness of traditional sunscreen formulas.

Size: 12g | 0.4oz

(Please note, your Halo scoop may be packaged with another product. Please unwrap carefully and check all packaging well.) 



Zinc Oxide (Non-nano, non-coated, non-irradiated), Silica(Non-nano), Pearl Powder*, Tapioca Starch*, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Citrullus Lanatus (Watermelon) Extract*, (May Contain: +/- Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, Mica)



Use 1 level scoop (included) for every 1 – 1.5 pump of Lumi Priming Fluid (preferred) or oil based serum for ~SPF 30 (approx.). (Using non-oily mediums for dispersion is not recommended.) Mix thoroughly in anointing bowl. Massage over skin. Apply over facial oil/moisturizer but under makeup. Adjust quantities of Fluid and Powder as desired.

• This is not a sunscreen until mixed with proper medium •

More Details:

Acne safe & customizable.

Sunblock becomes something you can finesse to your unique skin needs – no more heavy, greasy, acneic sunscreens.

Non-nano, non-coated, non-irradiated Zinc Oxide provides soothing and blemish minimizing benefits in addition to UV reflective properties.

Concentrated Aloe Extract heightens photoprotection & quells heat.

Pearl Powder has multi-corrective benefits for acne & aging.

Watermelon Skin Extract has been shown to help prevent UV induced damage to cell DNA.

Silica (which is naturally found in bamboo and horsetail botanicals, and is NOT synthetic and is NOT a form of silicone)  helps to nourish and strengthen skin.

Tapioca blurs pores and offers a satin finish.

Halo is specially blended without unevenly shaped or sized particles to maximize even pigment dispersion in most lipidic (oily) media.

Choosing a tone:


Light is suitable for pale to medium complexions.

Dark is suitable for medium to dark complexions.

Depending on the ratio of Powder to Fluid, Halo may leave a cast, even if you’ve chosen the correct shade for your skin tone.

Non-nano mineral sunscreens use physical reflectivity to shield your skin from the sun, so they may not completely disappear once applied.

Halo is not a foundation.

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