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Acneic skin is very often unhappy, barrier-compromised, skin. Typically, products that claim to heal acne often irritate the skin. For example: retinols, acids (AHA), benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid (BHA), alcohol, and undiluted essential oils.


At moss, we have reviewed hundreds of dermatology journals and articles, and from our research, we have designed a multi-pronged approach to truly healing the skin, not just vanishing bumps as they pop up at the expense of the skin’s long term health.


These products, used together:


  • balance sebum production
  • regulate hormonal activity on the skin
  • specifically target p.acnes bacteria – all sub types, as sub types can vary from person to person
  • restore skin barrier integrity 
  • thicken and plump skin
  • soothe inflammation, including acne specific inflammatory markers
  • correct hyperkeratinization and congestion


All products are extremely low in essential oil concentrations or are completely essential oil free. None of the products are remotely drying or irritating, in fact, they are the opposite – they provide key hydration and soothing. (The exception is Zen Physic as it has a significant (yet diluted!) concentration of essential oils, but we have never had complaints that it is irritating, as it is blended with very beneficial carrier oils and the overall effect is healing and moisturizing.) 


Something we see very often in acne clients is an aversion to moisturizers (an emulsion of water and oils) or pure oils. They have a (completely warranted) fear of a product being comedogenic or layering even more oil on top of a complexion that is already oily. 


Unfortunately, not using a moisturizer only exacerbates acne. Skin senses it is dry and begins to produce more sebum, creating a cycle of: 


oily skin > trying to reduce oil by using drying products and no moisturizer > even more oil produced > even harsher products employed, etc. 


It has been found that in people predisposed towards acne, the sebum they produce is stickier and more prone to clogging pores than other people. So by denying your skin moisture, you are in effect inviting it to create its very own comedogenic product. 


Not only that – skin that is denied moisture suffers two other very serious problems that directly contribute to acne: 


1. The integrity of the skin barrier suffers. Skin loses elasticity and becomes more flacid and less flexible which means pores get clogged easier. The skin barrier also becomes weaker and more permeable, which means it is less efficient at keeping pollutants out and also takes longer to heal. Acne sticks around longer, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation increases in intensity and duration. 


2. There are certain very important skin metabolism processes that need moisture to activate. One of these is the process of shedding skin cells. Acneic persons already have a propensity towards issues with desquamation, since their skin cells tend to be extra sticky, a condition called hyperkeratinization. Moisture is needed to activate the enzyme that helps to detach dead skin cells from the rest of the stratum corneum. If this enzyme is not activated, dead skin cells just build up, and don’t slough off regularly, as is normal and healthy. 


As you can see, it is actually quite vital to include a moisturizer in your acne skincare routine. It is a very active part of healing, not just a “nice-to-have.” All moss moisturizers are acne-safe, with zero risk of being comedogenic in the slightest. 


Using a facial oil, either during oil cleansing or at some point during the skincare routine can help balance out the sebum composition, making it less sticky. Oil cleansing also helps to clear the inside of the pores much more effectively than even using a salicylic acid/BHA product. 


The conventional acne treatment landscape is very flat – it only uses a few active ingredients, such as retinol, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. In green beauty, the tired ingredients we see over and over for acne are tea tree oil (only targets one p.acnes subtype) and witch hazel (often spiked with drying alcohol). 


Conventional acne products usually use only one, or if you’re lucky, two active ingredients – the rest are just filler. Natural acne products are often carelessly and ignorantly formulated, added to the line as the token acne product, but given no more thought after that.  


At moss, we employ a library of over 100 ACTIVE ingredients for acne. All of our treatment products contain upwards of 10 ingredients all included at effects-producing concentrations, all doing their part to actively heal acne. 


Because acne has many factors and causes and because these vary from individual to individual, every moss product targets acne multi-correctionally, working on inflammation, sebum quality, bacteria, hormones, skin barrier and more. The products are designed to work synergistically with each other, actually amplifying and strengthening each other’s effects. 


Additionally, moss products offer potent anti-aging benefits as well, so you never have to compromise.


Our formulas combine both safe synthetic ingredients with powerful natural ingredients to produce potent potions that offer a sophistication and efficacy unmatched by any other player in the acne space. We then elevate our formulas to offer spa quality luxury. Textures that are velvety and lightweight, lovely scents, and a sensorial experience that makes using moss a true pleasure. 


Another benefit no other skincare companies offer is this: moss provides its clients with an extensive library of resources for approaching acne healing holistically. moss clients receive access to information on which supplements to consider for acne, extensive diet information, over 100 recipes, and guides on navigating acne aggressors (sugar, alcohol, coffee, dairy and veganism) successfully and sustainably. 


Skin is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. This is why our line contains multiple treatment options that can be combined and tweaked in a variety of ways. We work closely with our clients to help them find a home care routine that produces amazing results. 


We do not offer refunds on our products as they are not mass produced in a lab, but crafted in-house, in true micro-batches, through a couture process, making each bottle extremely valuable. Each bottle can be considered a little work of art, once one considers the amount of attention, time, work, dedicated research, priceless resources and exquisite ingredients that went into it. 


That being said, your skin is extremely important to us! If you are not experiencing results, please reach out to us. Our customer satisfaction process will include some combination of: 


  • Examining whether other skincare/makeup you are using is hindering results and suggesting acne-safe alternatives.
  • Shifting different variables such as amount of product, order of use, frequency of use, etc. 
  • Suggesting a different product to trial.
  • Advancing to a holistic approach; sustainably tweaking lifestyle or diet.
  • We have even created CUSTOM solutions for clients through our R&D arm, the L4B. 


Please use our products for self-care, not self-criticism.


That is to say, remember: your skin is not your masterpiece, your LIFE is. Your skin is just something that a genetic lottery determined, it should have zero influence on your worth (you are not a bad, unhygienic or unhealthy person just because you have acne)  or your quality of life. So PLEASE get out there and grab life by the balls. You only get one precious life, don’t let your skin ruin it for you (speaking from experience here). 


Thank you for trusting moss with your skin – you’re in good hands. 

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