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Welcome to your moss skincare Hormonal Acne Quiz.

Let's get started!

1. Are you over the age of 20?
2. Do you experience regular periods?
3. Are your periods abnormally painful?
4. Do you experience PMS often when your period is approaching?
5. Do you suffer from THREE or more of the following: fatigue, low libido, lack of energy, brain fog, infertility, depression, hair loss, stubborn weight gain, insomnia?
6. Have you ever suspected you had or have you been diagnosed with PCOS?
7. Do you or have you ever had hirsutism?

8. Are your blood sugar levels higher than normal?

9. Do you consume a fair amount of sugar and/or fruit and/or coconut water and/or juice and/or smoothies and/or dairy and/or refined carbohydrates?

10. Do you consume a fair amount of red meat and/or alcohol?

11. Do you consume a fair amount of caffeine?

12. Do you eat a lot of soy or products that contain soy?

13. Does your acne tend to show up around your mouth, chin and/or jawline?
14. Does your acne come and go throughout your monthly cycle?

15. Is your acne primarily cystic?

16. Does your acne seem unusually stubborn?

17. Have you stopped using hormonal birth control in the last 3 months or less?
18. Are you pregnant or have you been pregnant within the last year?

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