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What Products Do You Recommend for My Skin?


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Many people ask us to recommend a product. We always recommend both products since together they create a synergistic force. You can see in the charts below that neither one checks ALL the boxes, but together they both do.


Illumina for acne, Potentci for aging?




For some reason, people with severe acne gravitate more towards Illumina. This makes total sense – Illumina seems like it is more “active” and “powerful” because it is exfoliating. I know from experience, that when you have acne, especially if it is persistent, you begin to look for grenades to throw! You are so sick of your skin rebelling, and you’re always looking for harsher and harsher products to just shut the acne down.


But like we just mentioned, acneic skin is skin with trauma. Compared to healthy skin, acneic skin tends to have a damaged or weakened skin barrier – especially if you’ve been using harsh acne treatment or have gone on Accutane. This is a bigger problem than it seems because it causes a whole host of issues.


A weak skin barrier allows more bacteria, pollutants and irritants in. It has a harder time preventing trans-epidermal water loss. Because of this, the skin gets dehydrated. Dehydrated skin produces more sebum in an effort to protect and “rehydrate” itself but this just leads to skin that feels both oily and dry! Dehydrated skin is also less elastic, which means pores have a reduced ability to stay clear, and a lot more impactions in the skin occur – these are the “seeds” of blemishes.


Acne skin also tends to have more scarring, even if it is invisible. Most wounds, including blemishes, result in some degree of scarring. That is why the peptides in Potentci are so important – they are your best bet for repairing the skin tissue and healing scarring outside of procedures like lasers or derma-needling, both of which, we are beginning to understand, do not come without their own long-term damage – there is no free ride. Of course, if the peptides are effective on scarring, then they are also very effective on wrinkles and skin texture and tone, firming, plumping and smoothing, making Potentci a very powerful anti-aging product.


This is why Illumina does best with its partner Potentci. While Illumina keeps pores clear and inflammation down, Potentci takes care of all the rest – and it’s a lot! It heals and heals and heals. It is a healing powerhouse. It helps strengthen the skin barrier, provides hydration, and protection from UV damage. It might not seem as powerful because its effects might not be as immediately visible as Illumina’s but they are just as, if not more, important to skin health.


Here are some guidelines:


If you have hormonal acne, inflamed acne, persistent acne or adult acne, choose both.


If you have ONLY congestion and closed comedones and NO aging concerns, choose Illumina.


If you have ONLY aging concerns with NO desire for a retinol-like exfoliating product, choose Potentci.
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