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Choose your OIL cleanser

About oil cleansing:

Oil Cleansing is the preferred cleansing method for working with acneic skin. It helps to rebalance sebum production, helps to minimize congestion, and is generally a gentle option that will not unbalance the skin microbiome and will not strip the fragile skin barrier yet cleanses extremely thoroughly.

If you do not want to oil cleanse, we recommend our Skin Denim Nanofoam Cleanser – see below.

What is most important to you?

Revele gently lifts up blackheads and smooths microcomedones with regular use.

A unique lightly gelled formula keeps the oil from escaping through your fingers as you bring your hands to your face.

Comprised of a gorgeous blend of organic oils that have the perfect molecular size for lifting away impurities and are rich in linoleic acid. Pumpkin seed oil is rich in zinc and has shown activity against hormonal acne.

The scent is light and herbaceous with notes of vibrant rosemary, revitalizing niaouli and the pretty lemon-rose floral of palmarosa. We use responsible, minimal amounts of essential oils, making this cleanser safe for use around the eyes.

This oil cleanser rinses clean with water. Learn more>

Clinical results showed that both oil cleansing and honey cleansing give results for diminishing acne, so this product combines both oil cleansing and honey cleansing into one treatment – a cleansing balm blended with pure, raw, organic honey.

Antioxidants are key for acne concerns so we incorporate Sea Buckthorn CO2 extract, which in addition to being extremely antioxidant rich, shows similar activity to Saw Palmetto berry against hormonal acne.

What makes Beurre Celeste so special is how decadent it feels. The dense jammy texture that gently helps to slough buildup, the lovely scent that combines buttery macadamia with lovely lemony-rose florals, and the ease of rinsing it off, leaving behind perfectly clean, never stripped skin.

This incredibly technical formula has been perfected over years, and has inspired copycat products to pop up, but there is only one Beurre Celeste! Learn more>

Choose your DOUBLE cleanse/ NON-OIL cleanse

About double cleansing:

With the double cleanse method, you oil cleanse first, and follow with a second cleanser that is not oil-based. For some, double cleansing has been a critical component of achieving clearer skin. For others, it is an unnecessary step or leads to excessive stripping of the skin. Use your intuition or experiment.

Some people double cleanse in the evening, then just use one cleanser in the morning. Some oil cleanse in the evening and use a non-oil cleanser in the morning. We recommend using only one cleanser at a time to avoid stripping/stressing the skin excessively. If you have questions, there are contact links at the end of this ritual builder.

What are you looking for?

Skin Denim Nanofoam Cleanser contains willow bark (a natural source of salicylic acid) and more active ingredients than cleansers usually do, including soothing panthenol and a chia seed derived ingredient that helps skin look less oily without actually affecting the very delicate sebum balance of the skin.

It contains a very gentle surfactant so it will not strip the skin, even while cleansing off any impurities and has a pH of 5.5, ideal for the skin.

Soothing whole plant organic indigo gives the cleanser a lovely subtle blue hue and offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

The scent is very light, a pleasing herbal-floral melange.

Easy to travel with, won’t break, lightweight and TSA compliant. Learn more>

Micellar Cleansing Essence is micellar water elevated! It is really 3 products in one – a cleanser, a toner and a hydrating essence.

It rehydrates skin cells with Viola Tricola and Yucca Extracts and promotes wound healing with Rose hydrosol and Resurrection Lily extract.

It is a gentle, water-free cleansing method for sensitive and dehydrated skins. We worked very hard on it to make sure it does not leave behind a sticky feeling or any residue, and even discerning beauty influencers have remarked on how true this is!

A fabulous multi-tasker, it works as a double cleanser, cleanser-on-the-go, or mid-day reset for oily or sweaty skin.

The scent is a lovely rose with hints of herbs and fruit.

Easy to travel with, won’t break, lightweight and TSA compliant. Learn more>

Recommended Treatment

About effective acne treatment:

The best treatment for acne is consistent, preventative care. If you only care about blemishes once they have already surfaced, you’re playing defense instead of offense. The defense-only strategy also exposes the skin to a lot of unnecessary inflammation and wounding, which decreases skin vitality and increases permanent damage and scarring.

We recommend using a skincare regimen that helps prevent acne breakouts from occurring while also supplementing with skincare that is targeted towards active lesions and will help minimize scarring and damage. If you have lots of active or cystic acne, we recommend using both products below.

What are you looking for?

Illumina targets acne through three primary pathways: vitamin C, enzyme + BHA exfoliation and herbal extracts that reduce hormones in the skin that increase the occurrence of acne.

The Vitamin C that we use is called Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, and it has shown to reduce acne as affectively as retinol in research studies. It is very stable, and will not discolor or oxidize.

Pumpkin enzyme is very gentle yet still very effectively desquamates dead skin cells. Often, acne sufferers have issues with skin cells properly shedding. The proteins connecting the cells as well as the skin’s sebum can become extra sticky as a result of hormonal activity. We also use willow bark extract because the salicylic acid in it can penetrate the pore and dissolve microcomedones and hardened sebum.

Lastly, we use an herbal blend that is specially chosen to mitigate acne-specific inflammation, to reduce hormonal activity topically and to take on the hardy p.acnes bacteria.

The scent is herbal with a slight touch of ferment which comes from the strong scent of the Saw Palmetto potent whole plant extract we use.

TIP: due to the high amount of actives, Illumina can take a second to sink in. Following Illumina with Potentci or a facial oil helps absorption.

Zen Physic Botanical Spot Treat was designed to target existing stubborn hormonal and/or cystic acne.

It is 100% a blend of oils and essential oils so it is very gentle and healing on the skin.

Not only does it help reduce inflammation, redness and swelling, it also helps quicken recovery and minimizes post-inflammatory pigmentation and scarring.

No joke, clients with cystic acnes that would hang around for weeks or even months, now see these blemishes move on in a matter of days.

TIP: You CAN use Zen Physic in a preventative capacity by applying it to areas that typically break out during your cycle a week before the breakouts usually surface. You can also micro-emulsify a drop with your usual moisturizer or facial oil to “boost” it.

Don’t Skip Hydration

Why moisturizing is key for healing acne:

When your skin is dehydrated (not enough water-based hydration), three main things happen to exacerbate acne:

Certain key enzymatic processes begin to function poorly or stop functioning all together as the catalysts need water to work – this includes healthy skin desquamation.

The skin becomes less elastic, making it easier for debris and sebum to get trapped in pores, increasing the risk for micro-comedone formation.

The skin tries to compensate for the dehydration by increasing sebum production, which is not ideal for acne-prone skins!

We firmly believe that moisturizing is not optional, not even for very oily skin – in fact, that skin is probably telling you it needs a moisturizer by producing so much oil!

What are you looking for?

Potentci Dermal Repair Hydrating Emulsion packs a lot of functions into one lovely lightweight moisturizer. (Dry skins may want more moisture – this is addressed below.) If you don’t like using a lot of skincare, but you still have a lot of issues to address, this is the multi-tasker for you!

Potentci is designed to work alone or with Illumina. (The Vitamin C in Illumina boosts the hyperpigmentation reducing capacity of Potentci.)

Potentci has a lovely light herbal-floral scent, goes on light, and sinks in easily.

The blend of acne-safe fatty acids, ceramides, and niacinamide all work to deeply rehydrate and repair skin barrier.

Daily Antioxidant Primer is lighter than Potentci.

It is designed to be used on it’s own as a light moisturizer/primer or as a primer on top of another moisturizer.

Like Potentci, it contains powerful antioxidants to protect from UV, pollution and other free radical sources.

It gives a little bit of blur/slip, perfectly prepping skin for makeup or giving the perfect finish when going makeup free.

A fresh citrusy scent with complex perfumed undertones and lovely light cream texture with a generous 2 oz. size.

Modify/boost this routine depending on individual skin type/concern

Your skin is unique!

Aging skin in addition to acne? Very dry? Sensitive? Customize your routine for any other skin issues below.

What else needs addressing?


My skin is very dry in addition to being acneic. It needs more moisture without aggravating my acne.

You have options:

Add a light non-comedogenic facial oil like CR Citrine Suspension. CR is pure Cacay oil boosted with a hyperpigmentation-reducing, antioxidant-rich botanical extract from Indian Kino Tree bark.

Add a K-Beauty favorite – a “cream essence” which gives the rich moisture of a cream in the format of a fluid – very buildable for skin that wants to be drenched in non-comedogenic moisture. Check out the Rich Absorb Soothing Cream Essence – this is great for skin with eczema concerns as well.


My skin is sensitive and I’m worried about Illumina being too active and Zen Physic having too many essential oils.

You have options:

Use a very gentle exfoliating serum specially designed for sensitive skin like the Cactus Enzyme Desquamation Serum.

Use the honey tapping method of mechanical exfoliation once a week – the Honey Tapping Mask product page has a video that demonstrates the honey tapping technique.

We have an essential oil FREE spot treatment – it works just as well as Zen Physic or better – it’s a mask that you apply to blemishes and leave on overnight called the Overnight Spot Shrink Mask.

The Pigmentation Fade Serum has the same amount of Vitamin C as Illumina and offers just the tiniest encouragement of skin cell turnover – it is the perfect sensitive skin substitute for Illumina.


I don’t think this routine addresses my other major appearance concerns, like pigmentation, wrinkles, acne scars, sagging, etc.

You have options:

For concerns of wrinkles and/or non-PIH acne scars, add a serum packed with peptides (over 30% by weight) that powerfully repair and restore skin. moss Soirée Peptide Complex 31% Serum, used consistently, will give noticeably healthier looking skin in just days.

For concerns of melasma, liver spots, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, add a serum packed with tons of Vitamin C and actives that address multiple pathways of pigmentation like Pigmentation Fade Serum. Also, add sunscreen even if you are indoors all day.

Adding a gentle hit of plant-based retinoic acid plus concentrated nutrition and lipids from a pure single source facial oil can help – CR Citrine Suspension offers a powerful antioxidant boost to prevent the main source of aging in skin (free radical damage) while encouraging healthy cell turnover, lightening pigmentation as effectively as kojic acid, and offering retinol-like benefits.


Honestly, I don’t think this is strong enough for my acne. I’m used to Benzoyl Peroxide and prescription meds.

Make sure you’re using Illumina regularly – as a preventative, and give yourself 2-3 months to see change.

Use the Overnight Spot Shrink Mask at night and Zen Physic 2-3 times on lesions during the day.

If Illumina is too strong for you, substitute Pigmentation Fade Serum – the Vitamin C is critical.

Check back in soon for our Bakuchiol product – this offers the SAME efficacy as prescription Retin-A but without the irritation and safety issues.

Add in the Acne Candida Cleanse. Addressing acne both topically and internally is optimally effective. If your purchase totals $150 or more, the full Acne Candida Cleanse is added as a complimentary gift.


No matter what exfoliant I use my skin still feels rough, like there’s lots of dead skin cell build-up. Chemical exfoliants don’t seem to be strong enough yet too irritating at the same time. I just want to scrub it!

Sometimes, there is too much buildup for chemical exfoliants to dissolve. This is often the result of a hormonal imbalance. Some women see this issue in the first trimester of pregnancy and some acne types present with this as well.

Use the honey tapping method daily but avoid harsh scrubs especially if you have a lot of active acne. The honey tapping method is a unique way to achieve mechanical exfoliation without the risk of micro-tears from irregular sized particulates. The Honey Tapping Mask is the product for this.

That being said, we do have a product that uses finely milled bamboo powder as a mechanical exfoliant as well as pumpkin enzyme for dual action powerful exfoliation. The Reset Microdermabrasion Mousse is our most powerful exfoliator and gives immediate luminosity and smoothness.


Is Illumina the only Vitamin C serum? I want Vitamin C but without exfoliation.

Pigmentation Fade Serum has the same amount and type of Vitamin C as Illumina. It does address cellular turnover in a much, much, much less active way than Illumina and is not considered an exfoliating product.


Halo lets you use a facial oil you know won’t break you out as the base and then you simply mix Halo powder in to make a sunblock. Halo ingredients are all acne safe and Halo comes with a measuring scoop to make sure you use the right amount every time. It also comes with a mini jar to take pre-mixed Halo on the go for the day.

We recommend using CR Citrine Suspension as the base for Halo but any facial oil you love will do. CR has the additional benefit of very strong antioxidant activity from the extract included to boost it.


We’d love to help you!

The best way to reach us is through email (, or DM the @mosskincare or @l4bwork Instagram accounts. You can also leave a comment below.

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