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  • How to use facial oils correctly

    Facial oils are deeply nourishing but can cause subtle inflammation and dehydration if used incorrectly. How to use facial oils correctly? Here are best practices. I love putting oil on my face so much. But a lot of people recoil at the thought of putting oil on their face or have tried it and had [...] More  →
  • Intro to Ayurvedic Face Mapping [Part 1]

    You might have seen a face mapping post before. For those of you that haven’t face mapping is a theory that correlates the location of your breakout to a corresponding internal organ or issue – kind of like reflexology. Usually we see face maps based upon TCM, so today I want to show you Ayurvedic …

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  • Face Mapping for Acne: The Ultimate Guide

    Face mapping is an invaluable tool for diagnosing acne. So get prepared for a really long post focusing on…face mapping for acne! Some of these face maps will seem contradictory and some will not resonate with you. Listen to that. Only take what feels right. I will begin with the simplest. This is basically what …

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  • What’s next for moss?

    I have done a lot of soul searching around moss. Here are some of the many things I contemplated: change the name change the label change the products cancel everything and open a tiny green beauty brick and mortar boutique cancel everything and go work for another beauty company cancel everything and make an online …

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  • These last few months – a story

    I’m writing this post because I find myself in a unique situation. I’m an extremely introverted person but not a very private one so . I also, for better or worse, think of you, my clients, as more than just customers. I think of you as stakeholders in the business. In essence, every purchase you …

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  • Have your Coffee and Clear Skin Too

    In Part 1 of this 2 post series, we discussed all the ways coffee is detrimental to your skin and a few ways it can affect your overall health as well. I know there have been studies done on how coffee provides antioxidants, and how it can help prevent Alzheimers, but to me personally, the …

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  • Does Coffee Cause Acne?

    Warning – this entire post is about how coffee sucks and exacerbates acne. But I love coffee and I’ve tried to quit several times. I’ve tried several different substitutes. And in Part 2 I will reveal how I now drink coffee anyway. I’ll share my specific set-up for minimizing adverse health effects, while still getting to …

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  • Which is better for acne-prone skin: face oil or moisturizer?

    Lately it seems like the beauty community is abuzz with the benefits and wonders of facial oils. But are they really that good for your skin? And could moisturizers be better? It turns out both oils and moisturizers have pros and cons and hopefully after reading this post you will know which is right for …

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  • Green Beauty Sunblock Ingredients 101

    Sunscreens can be very confusing especially within the context of green + clean beauty. You may have heard some people only use mineral sunscreens, while others eschew sunscreen all together for a purely holistic sun protection protocol that involves solely oils and nutrition. And then there’s the vitamin D aspect – vitamin D cannot synthesize …

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  • Ingredient Insights: Citrus Oils and Phototoxicity

    I’m starting a series of posts called Ingredient Insights. My goal with moss/Aqne HAS ALWAYS been to empower my clients so they can make intelligent and informed choices about skincare. There’s a lot of ingredients out there that have reputations and everyone just follows the herd instead of asking “WHY?” or “Is the reason this …

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  • My Candida Cleanse Experience: the good, the bad and the weird

    Here is a brief overview of what the cleanse entailed, since I know not all of you have been following along: A detox week where basically all you could eat was green veggies and eggs. This is the week you started taking a liver detox supplement and continued it through the entire cleanse. THIS WAS …

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  • Protected: 5 Awesome Candida Recipes to try!

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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