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  • Quantum Glow Show Notes

    Have you heard the philosophy that there are only three ingredients you should give a hoot about in your skincare?   I've heard it said that as long as you're using retinol, Vitamin C and sunscreen, everything else is unnecessary -- and pales in comparison in terms of giving results.   There is no doubt that [...] More  →
  • Moss Fall Facial 2019

    I made a Fall facial for you! Wake + detox: Lightly cover skin with a non-comedogenic oil. Massage using kansa wand or gua sha to stimulate circulation and boost lymph drainage. Here’s how to do gua sha and kansa wand massage. (You can purchase both kansa and gua sha tools on Amazon.) Exfoliate: Reset Microdermabrasion …

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  • What to do when a product causes a freak breakout on your face

      One day your skin is fine and the next it’s congested - full of little bumps and uneven texture. It feels like overnight someone has planted a little microcomedone in every single pore. How did this happen?!   And how to fix it?    There are several ways a product can make your skin [...] More  →
  • Which is better: mixing or layering skincare?

      [Disclaimer: this is hardly comprehensive or correct, but these are just my personal rules/preferences:] In general, I mix when I want to alter the skinfeel of a product OR when the skinfeel of the products when layered is too heavy. If a product is particularly sticky, then I’ll mix it with a product that …

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  • 3 things I did that resulted in a totally acne-free period!

    I’ve gotten a deep cyst or two every single period I’ve had since giving birth until this period. This time I had zero cysts. What did I do to manage to avoid period-connected cystic acne? Here’s what I’ve changed from 4 weeks ago to now: CUT DAIRY 1) I cut out dairy completely (not sugar, …

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  • Getting Rid of Hyperpigmentation – a quick, comprehensive guide

    A holistic, multi-pronged approach to hyperpigmentation: ONE – TYPE Realize not all hyperpigmentation is created equal. There are 3 main common types of pigmentation. Melasma (caused by hormonal changes, birth control) is the most stubborn and it can take up to 7 years to resolve. UV induced pigmentation (sun spots, liver spots, etc.) is the …

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  • Is a Glutathione Deficiency One of the Major Causes of Acne?

    The Mother of Antioxidants Recent research shows that acne sufferers have higher levels of oxidative stress (ie free radical activity) both internally in their bodies and also topically on their skin. Topically, this causes the sebum to become comedogenic and hospitable to acne bacteria. Internally, this causes inflammation and systemic stress that affects the way …

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  • Why Antioxidants are a Crucial Ingredient in Acne Skincare

        Topically, there are several factors to consider when it comes to the causes of acne: hormonally mediated sebum overproduction (skin overproduces oil and makes the oil stickier than normal) follicular hyperkeratinization (dead skin cells stick together and clog pores) chronic inflammation of the pilosebaceous unit (in people with acne, the skin releases more …

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  • Have You Tried Bitters for Acne?

    Why try Bitters for acne? (First of all, we aren’t talking about Swedish Bitters – they are not the same! Swedish Bitters contains the laxative herb senna, and that is not what we’re going for here.) Many of you by now are aware there’s a gut-skin connection, in addition to a hormone-skin connection when it …

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  • Truthteller and Lightworker resources

      You guys, I’m in this place now where I’m just feeling a lot of things burning and changing. And I just wanted to share some of the resources and women that are carrying me right now. In no particular order: Danielle LaPorte – the fucking queen. Pioneer of getting clear on how you want …

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  • Before and After { Amanda T-R. }

    How long have you been using moss? 6-12 months How often do you use moss? Every skincare ritual What products do you use? Beurre Céleste, Revele, Illumina, Potentci, Aurum, AMBAR Daily Antioxidant Primer What's your typical morning routine? I always begin by cleansing with beurre celeste on just damp skin, I try to take my time [...] More  →
  • Testimonial { Valerie M. }

    Valerie says: How long have you been using moss? 1-3 months. What products do you use? moss: Beurre Céleste, Revele, Illumina, Potentci What's your typical morning routine? Revele cleansing oil (2-3 pumps) to wash my face, followed by Potenci (1 pump) leaves my skin feeling and looking refreshed without stripping it. I literally feel like I am [...] More  →
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