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Skincare EDITED – pure and unusual.

Ambar means “sky” in Sanskrit and is pronounced “UM-ber”. (It took us a second to get it, so we get it – say it however you like, no one’s going to correct you!)


AMBAR is g-beauty (green beauty) meets k-beauty (Korean beauty). The result is unusually pure skincare featuring outstanding ingredients in uncluttered and laser-focused formulae that delight and surprise.

The AMBAR Rituals

In the morning

Cleanse with Micellar Cleansing Essence. Inhale the divinely fresh and intoxicating scent. Soothe and hydrate skin with Yucca and Violet extracts while removing impurities and toxins released by the skin overnight.

Smooth on the Hydrating Mineral Gelée to help replenish key minerals and moisture. Dries quickly to an imperceptible and soft finish – sheer and invisible. Ideal for gents as a post-shave oil-free moisturizer.

Finish with the Daily Antioxidant Primer. This powerful lightweight serum helps luminize skin thanks to Tonka Bean Bioferment’s ability to defract UV light, and protects the skin from pollution and free radical damage due to a powerful antioxidant complex. Lastly, the primer uses muru muru butter and silica-rich bamboo isoflavones as botanical alternatives to silicone.

If the DAP does not provide enough moisture, the Soothing Moisture Fluid packs a serious punch of hydration in an unusual watery texture. With the divine smell of oats, this fluid instantly absorbs to a plump and silky finish. Three different types of oat extract soothe and heal skin. Deeply moisturizing and replenishing thanks to natural ceramides. (If using SMF, apply either before or after DAP – up to you.)


In the evening

Feeling lazy? The Micellar Cleansing Essence lets you remove light makeup and the impurities of the day without having to full on wash the face. Or – use the MCE as a second cleanse or toner. Soothe and hydrate skin with Yucca and Violet extracts, which improve epidermal moisturization by increasing aquaporin activity within the dermis. Aqua­porins aid with skin hydration, barrier function and wound healing.

Repair and interrupt free radical damage with the Daily Antioxidant Primer. Equally as important in the pm as the am, this serum works through the night to repair damage from oxidative stress and support and enhance the skin’s natural rejuvenation processes. A true multi-tasker.

Soothe and hydrate with Soothing Moisture Fluid. Ideal for even the most sensitive skins, three types of oat extract deeply soothe and moisturize skin, leaving behind a silky and cool after-feel.

If the skin feels hot, irritated or sun-burned, add the Hydrating Mineral Gelée for additional soothing and healing. Or mix the HMG with a facial oil for a lovely and skin healing micro-emulsion that increases the efficacy and absorption of the facial oil. So good.

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