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About moss

Celestyna Brozek is a physicist turned holistic acne healing expert who founded moss in 2015. With an innate talent for formulating and a passion inspired by her own struggles with teenage and adult acne, she decided to create her own products when she could find nothing on the market that was non-toxic, pleasant to use, gentle for sensitive skin AND truly effective to manage her own persistent acne.

moss stands for Modern Organic Specialized Skincare. Our mission is to be a cutting edge, luxury acne apothecary, offering truly powerful solutions for acne-prone skins through an experience that is kind to the skin and intoxicating to the senses.

Helping our clients to optimally healthy and radiant skin is what drives us to continue producing remarkable and safe products that truly work.

What makes moss so special?

Over 100 Active Ingredients

The acne landscape doesn’t have many innovations. Retinol, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid still dominate. Not with moss. We’ve scoured hundreds of dermatology articles and studies to compile a library of over 100 ingredients that have been clinically proven to diminish acne. The we combine them in proprietary formulas that address acne from many different angles.

Finally: A True Synergy of Nature and Science

No longer do you have to choose between advanced dermatological technologies that are formulated with toxic ingredients OR natural skincare that is so crunchy you can make it yourself in the kitchen. We showcase the power of beautiful and exotic botanicals AND utilize the latest in dermatological technology. Our products contain a beautiful balance of herbal extracts combined with sophisticated skin-changing ingredients like peptides, ceramides, and effective but totally non-toxic preservation systems.

Ultra High Percentage of Actives

Our active ingredients are added at the same percentage or more as used in studies that demonstrated profound results. So if Vitamin C has been clinically shown to decrease acne by 60% in a study at 5%, we include Vitamin C at 5%. With moss, you can be sure your skincare is working hard to bring the visible results that you would expect from life-changing skincare.

A Holistic Perspective

Not only do we offer life changing skincare, our clients also have access to a library of information about diet, supplements, lifestyle and more. If desired, we work with you more holistically, not only optimizing skincare but diet and lifestyle as well. Changes we make with you are ALWAYS sustainable and work with your lifestyle in comfort.

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