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Multi-correctional acne skincare


Illumina Concentrate and Potentci Hydrating Milk completely transform skin.

Together, Illumina and Potentci take care of 100% of your skin concerns.

 Apply this transformative serum + moisturizer duo after cleansing. Acne and aging concerns visibly begin to resolve in as little as a few days.


Decongesting Radiance Concentrate

7-in-1 skin perfecting serum


BENEFITS: Decongesting, manages acne and prevents new blemishes, smoothing, brightening, refines texture, boosts collagen

ACNE CONCERNS: Congestion, comedones, blackheads, hormonal acne, inflamed acne

AGING CONCERNS: fine lines, rough, dull texture, loss of glow, collagen loss, hyperpigmentation


Dermal Lifting Hydrating Milk

8-in-1 intense regeneration moisturizer


BENEFITS: Hydrating, nourishing, boosts collagen + elastin, increases elasticity, refines deep wrinkles and scars

ACNE CONCERNS: Compromised skin barrier, hormonal acne, dry skin acne, acne with aging

AGING CONCERNS: deep + fine wrinkles, sagging, elasticity loss, loss of plumpness, dehydration, loss of glow, collagen loss

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After two rounds of Accutane, trying (and hating) Retin-A, I STILL kept getting breakouts. I had given up hope and my skin was in horrible shape. I’ve been using your two products for two weeks now and am IN LOVE. Can’t WAIT to see my skin in a few months!

– Emmy H.

I think I speak for others when I say we emphasize our undying gratitude for you and the amazing products you bring to us. In a time when skincare can be overwhelming, confusing and honestly ass backwards, you bring clean and effective products that should honestly be in every store that claims to sell skincare. We love and trust you!

– Jamie M.

Super excited! My skin has improved so much from your line!

– Jennifer

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100% Non-toxic Ingredients + 100% Recyclable Packaging

Premium, Artisanal Ingredients + Hand-Crafted in the USA

No artificial/added Fragrance + No artificial/added Color

No Sulfates + No Parabens + No Animal Testing

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